Eight states suing Trump administration, company over 3D guns

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A lawsuit filed Monday by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is challenging the Trump administration's decision to allow the release of blueprints for 3D-printed guns, saying the move would provide broad unregulated access to risky weapons. 3D printed guns are untraceable and require no background checks; you're basically manufacturing the firearm yourself.

Prior to the settlement, the two firearms organizations were at odds with the State Department over a mandate that 3D printed gun instruction manuals be removed from the internet. The states claim that the federal government violated administrative procedures by waiving restrictions on Defense Distributed's downloadable gun files.

Its files include 3-D printable blueprints for a plastic AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle, a version of a weapon that has been used in many US mass shootings, as well as other firearms.

"These downloadable guns are unregistered and very hard to detect, even with metal detectors, and will be available to anyone regardless of age, mental health or criminal history", Ferguson said in the press release.

"These downloadable guns are unregistered and very hard to detect, even with metal detectors, and will be available to anyone regardless of age, mental health, or criminal history", said Bob Ferguson, the state's attorney general, in his statement about the lawsuit, which is being jointly filed by eight other states.

Wilson said his site was IP blocked in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, meaning visitors with IP addresses in those places can't easily reach it.

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"The harm to Pennsylvanians would have been immediate and irreversible", Attorney General Shapiro said.

Shapiro has been fighting to keep 3-D printed guns out of Pennsylvania. According to its website, "Defense Distributed is a non-profit, private defense firm".

A Liberator pistol appears next to the 3D printer on which its components were made.

"If we are a named party in the suit we will litigate", said Defense Distributed's Cody Wilson. "We won't stand by as New Yorkers' safety is jeopardized by this abrupt about-face by the federal government".

Over decades, Pennsylvania lawmakers have created legal controls to ensure citizens can safely exercise all of the rights to which they are entitled: the right to bear arms and the right to live peacefully. But due to the pending legal battle, Wilson has chose to abide by the cease-and-desist orders, and will not make DEFCAD available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Los Angeles.

At issue is a June settlement between the U.S. government and Texas-based Defense Distributed company that will allow it to legally publish gun blueprints online.