Australian senator calls for 'final solution to nation's immigration problem'

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"The final solution to the immigration problem is of course a popular vote", Anning said.

Labor Leader Bill Shorten has described a Senator's maiden speech to federal parliament, as "racist".

In a powerful stance on Wednesday, Shorten and Turnbull shook hands across the table, as they agreed that it was important to call out racism.

"His speech was absolutely magnificent and it's everything that this country should be doing".

"I think we could all be a more aware of the sustained abuse that some of us have to weather".

"We need a plebiscite to allow the Australian people to decide whether they want wholesale non-English speaking immigrants from the third world, and particularly whether they want any Muslims, or whether they want to return to the predominately European immigration policy..." "That has nothing to do with the 'Final Solution.' The thought police got onto that".

He said his party was completely "pro-Jewish" and seeks to defend Jews from the Muslim "persecutors" allowed to immigrate from Middle East countries. "I am not going to apologise or regret anything that I say".

Faruqi, who is in her 50s, said she would use her new role as senator to fight for a "positive future for Australia where we are stronger for our diversity".

Such are the rituals of first speeches that many Coalition senators and even crossbencher Derryn Hinch (who has been beating up on himself publicly ever since) went over to pay Anning the traditional congratulations afterwards.

"It was Pauline Hanson on steroids".

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"Senator Cormann, like others, followed usual Senate practice after every first speech", she said. Only time will tell if this speech will be as monumental.

Senator Anning says the words were taken out of context.

"We are a multi-racial society and I have always advocated you do not have to be white to be Australian", she said.

State Member for Altona Jill Hennessy noted the importance of calling the comments for what they were and said there is no place in any Parliament for those who spout these corrosive, extreme views.

"We as a race of people are being buried by a mass migration program to line the pockets of the rich and powerful in Sydney", Mr Katter said.

Responding to Anning's comments in a speech to the Lower House, Shadow Multicultural Minister Tony Burke called the words "bile".

The Senate did, however, pass a motion recognising the merits of immigration and multiculturalism, and a similar motion was moved in the House of Representatives.

More than 20 senators, including senior government ministers, shook hands with Senator Anning after his speech on Tuesday.

Elsewhere in his speech Anning set his sights on the transgender community, parroting attacks on the Safe Schools anti-bullying programmes that have been led by anti-LGBT activists. I'll be very clear about this.

"The Nazi war machine was responsible for the deaths of more than 10 million innocent lives including 6 million Jews and 1.5 million children", Mr Frydenberg said. "We reject and condemn racism in any form", he tweeted.