Dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia escalates amid asset sell off

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Crucifixions in Saudi Arabia entail hanging a body in public after an execution, and are unusual.

The kingdom has taken several measures to punish Ottawa.

"We don't want to have poor relations with Saudi Arabia. but we will continue underscoring challenges where and when they exist, in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere", he added.

But if this was an attempt by Saudi Arabia to push down Canadian markets, the move had limited success.

The man was convicted of robbing her home, attempted rape and stealing firearms and ammunition.

"We recognize and remain concerned about the serious impact of the Saudi government's decision on these young people, most of whom are entering their final year of study", Algoma University president Asima Vezina told SooToday via email.

The Saudi Arabian regime triggered a sell off of Canadian assets on Tuesday morning, amid an escalating row between the two nations over human rights.

Those caught up in the latest strife between Ottawa and the Saudi government include more than 15,000 students in Canada. TV pundits brought up Canada's suicide rate in what appeared as a broadside against the country's way of living. According to Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia has invested about $6 billion into Canada since 2006.

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The ministry went on to threaten vague retaliation against Ottawa.

Canadian investments in Saudi Arabia were still ongoing and would not be affected by the dispute, he said.

A diplomatic spat between Canada and Saudi Arabia shows no sign of abating after Riyadh ordered thousands of Saudi students in Canada to leave the country.

Additionally, on Monday it was announced that "training, scholarships and fellowships" for Saudi students in Canada are now being shelved.

But Canada has remained firm.

The United Kingdom was similarly muted in its response, with a foreign office spokeswoman saying: "Canada and Saudi Arabia are both close partners of the UK, and we urge restraint during the current situation", a foreign office spokeswoman said.

Spokesman of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid said in a press statement that his country stands firm in support of the stability and sovereignty of Arab countries, stressing the necessity of complying with the global norms and conventions governing relations between countries and respecting their sovereignty.

An earlier instance of his power wielding-the jailing of other women's rights activists-proceeded the lifting of Saudi's longstanding ban on female drivers in June.