Fortnite’s 5.21 Patch Adds a Heavy Sniper and New 50v50 Mode

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Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite gave Samsung devices exclusive rights to the popular game for three days. This weapon allows you to deliver devastating damage to enemies but, perhaps more interestingly, it can do even more damage to structures. The mobile version is already on patch 5.2, and XDA data miners have found many interesting details in the game files of this patch. With the added punching power though comes one downside; reload speed. For the rest of us mere mortals, it took a little it longer.

Now you can enjoy this game on your Android also.

The heavy sniper rifle is the update's hardware addition.

Fortnite v5.21 patch notes also mention the availability of two new limited time modes which includes the Sniper Shootout that limits the players to using sniper rifles only. The all-new Fortnite Battle Royale feels like the flawless home for its previous version's wayward mechanics. A new feature is the ability to redeploy the glider by pressing the jump button when more than 10 meters in mid-air. As always, stats and K/D are not tracked in this mode. So, if you see any app on the Play Store, or any link on Twitter, Reddit claiming to be the official Fortnite download, you now know that they are not the Fortnite Android download that you want.

Sniper Shootout makes its return and brings the Heavy Sniper Rifle along for the ride.

Floor Loot spawns reduced by 50%.

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Available in Epic and Legendary iterations, it turns up in the usual loot locations and vending machines.

These large rounds deal increased damage (1050/1100) to buildings. They tweaked the Minigun headshot multiplier as well, which now sits at 1.5 instead of 2.5.

Epic has also resolved an issue with grenades that prevented their damage from being counted toward last week's grenade challenge.

The Save the World mode has a new set of weekly Horde Challenges and a new hero called Thora is joining the game.

Once you get access you can easily play Fortnite.