‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Production on Temporary Hold

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This was a crew leftover from when Gunn was set to oversee the film.

Despite these comments being made before Gunn was involved with Disney, the studio couldn't ignore the severity of these remarks, resulting in his removal from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as director. That's a small number in the face of such a huge production, but a telling setback for a film that's now without a director after James Gunn was removed from the project in July.

According to the site, the small group of pre-production crew members assembled for the film have been dismissed while Marvel and Disney regroup on the project. Recurring members of the cast, including Dave Bautista, who plays the alien warrior Drax, expressed their dismay at Disney's decision. Pre-production would have gone into full swing in the fall.

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Although the Hollywood Reporter says one source categorises the hold as "temporary" and a "regrouping", the logistics of the situation mean fans should not look to a 2020 release date any more with any confidence. The announcement of whoever will replace Gunn will be a highly polarizing decision, so it makes sense that the studio is taking their time to weight their options. There were even rumblings that even Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was lobbying Horn to re-hire Gunn, but it's now become clear that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will be moving forward without the franchise's creator at the helm.

Disney must find a new director, decide on the plot and script and then lock in a cast with busy schedules.

The Hollywood Reporters quoted their source who said: "The timeline has been pushed out".