Heat wave in Europe will break all temperature records - the weatherman

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Spanish authorities issued a heatwave warning for most of central Spain, expected to last until Sunday with temperatures of over 42 degree Celsius in some parts of Andalusia and Extremadura.

But the all-time highest record for continental Europe is 48C (118F) set in Athens, Greece, on 10 July 1977.

A massive high pressure ridge, with a clockwise circulation of air around it, will pump hot, dry air filled with dust from the Sahara Desert into the Iberian Peninsula through the weekend.

For the most part, this heatwave and severe weather has passed Ireland by, as Met Eireann are expecting temperatures to get no higher than 22C in Ireland over the weekend, and then drop to the mid-teens next week.

Portugal and Spain were sweltering Saturday under an intense heat wave that has produced near-record temperatures in the southern European countries and contributed to wildfires and drought from Greece to Sweden.

Supermarket chain Morrisons has begun selling "wonky" flowers that have not developed properly because of the hot, dry weather.

The high temperatures are also expected to affect parts of France and Italy, but there's a mixed picture for the UK.

Eight places in the centre, south and east of Portugal have broken their local temperature records as Europe swelters.

In the last three years, the hottest day on record in the United Kingdom is 35.5C but that could be set to change if the predictions are right.

Smoking ban in all public housing takes effect nationwide
Not to mention, they estimate it will save public housing agencies $153 million in costs related to healthcare and repairs. Housing authorities, including Memphis, have said they have met with tenants and will work with people to kick the habit.

Thousands of Brits will be jetting off on their holidays this week with Spain and Portugal two very popular destinations.

From Portugal to Moscow and beyond, temperature predictions as high as 47+ are not beyond the realm of possibility say weather experts.

In Greece high winds fanned risky wildfires which killed more than 90 people. In Spain and Portugal, the fire danger will climb to unsafe levels as temperatures soar, humidity levels plunge, and downslope winds increase.

A 41-year-old man suffered heatstroke while working on the highway close to Murcia, in southeastern Spain, on Wednesday.

Finland's August average is 19C but temperatures approached 30C this week and few have air-conditioning at home.

The small Budakeszi game reserve outside the Hungarian capital Budapest said it was helping its animals cope with the heat with iced fruit and a diet with less meat and more nutrients.

"People with heart and lung conditions, older people and young children can all struggle in warmer weather as their bodies find it more hard to cope with higher temperatures", O'Connell wrote.

The U.K.'s Met Office weather service says July was the country's third-warmest month in more than a century.

Dozens of the country's Baltic Sea beaches have "no swimming" warnings due to health risks from algae blooms.