John Biden Cries As He Delivers Beautiful Eulogy At John McCain’s Funeral

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On what would have been his 82nd birthday, McCain's body lay in state Wednesday at the Arizona Capitol, where several of his longtime colleagues delivered emotional tributes.

Fitzgerald also discussed his need to visit Vietnam to see what McCain endured, telling the roughly 3,500 people in attendance, "I wanted to see the places where the will of John McCain was tested and forged", Fitzgerald said, according to ESPN. "It's a fight all Americans are obligated to continue on his behalf".

But Woods's eulogy drew laughs from McCain's family, friends and Arizonans, too. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone while his father, who went on to become an admiral, served in the military. Trump has also denigrated McCain's military service, saying during his presidential campaign that McCain - who spent years as a POW after his plane was shot down in 1967 during the Vietnam War - was "not a war hero".

Inside, former military members in shorts and T-shirts stopped and saluted. "Only love can do that".

Sen. Jeff Flake offered the benediction at the service.

Graham, who had tried unsuccessfully to serve as a bridge between Trump and McCain, will read a scripture at Washington National Cathedral that would hard to imagine the president ever reading. "I'm a Democrat, and I loved John McCain". The best way I can honor John McCain is help my country. "He believed in its people, its values and its institutions".

Ducey, a Republican, will appoint a successor to the six-term senator who will serve through 2020. He recalled his first two hours as chief of staff for McCain when he was a U.S. Representative, describing McCain's poor driving and goofy demeanor.

For some Arizona residents, McCain has been a political fixture their entire lives.

In what appeared to be a thinly-veiled swipe at President Donald Trump, Biden said McCain lived by "an ancient, antiquated code where honor, courage, character, integrity and duty mattered".

After the speeches, Cindy McCain was the first to approach her husband's casket.

One man shouted, "We love you!"

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Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, gives a tribute during memorial service at North Phoenix Baptist Church for Sen.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY proposed the idea of renaming the Russell Senate Office Building for McCain in a statement released shortly after the senator's death. Only seven senators are honored with portraits there.

A private ceremony was set for later Wednesday morning at the Arizona State Capitol Museum rotunda, where McCain will lie in state.

Biden became McCain's opponent when he was nominated to be Barack Obama's vice presidential nominee in 2008, when McCain was the Republican presidential nominee.

Also expected to attend were two dozen sitting US senators, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and his wife, Angela; former Vice President Dan Quayle; and several former senators.

Later in the afternoon, the Capitol will be open to members of the public who want to pay their respects.

"He was an honorable man, and there aren't a lot of those", said Elaine Lewis, who flew in from San Diego for the memorial service and had been in line since 8:15 a.m.

To McCain's family, he said, "you will all find your own images".

Since he cares so much about himself, he can vote for himself.

"I grew up where a handshake was a contract and your word was your bond", Riordan said. As her daughter pushed her wheelchair slowly toward the capitol doors, Campbell had little to say about the Arizona Republican's politics. Some are suggesting a portrait that would be located just off the Senate floor, or renaming the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing room after him, McConnell said.