Nvidia jumps after announcing its next generation of GeForce graphics cards (NVDA)

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Nvidia took the stage today and delivered a press conference that announced a line of video cards based on the new Turing architecture. While it may not receive quite as much hype as E3, the expo has reached attended of over 300,000 visitors every year since 2013.

While NVIDIA did not reveal any benchmarks for its new RTX graphics card, we got a taste of what the high-end model, the RTX 2080Ti, can achieve in a specific current-gen tech demo. Keep in mind that the new RTX GPUs start at $799, and go up to $1,199 for the RTX 2080 Ti, so the pricing of the Alienware machines will vary depending on which GPU you choose. Price-conscious gamers will be more interested in the upcoming 2060 and 2070, which will still provide significant power boosts without the huge price tag.

And finally, MSI's Sea Hawk series features a hybrid air & liquid cooling solution, which should enable you to push Nvidia's new Turing GPU to its limits.

These cards will be available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg.

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This is a light rendering technique that basically gives developers the ability to calculate shadows and reflections right down to a single beam of light in order to create hyper-realistic graphics such as the ones we saw in the jaw-dropping Star Wars Unreal Engine ray tracing teaser released back at GDC in March.

Popular component maker GIGABYTE put forward a number of its known cards with RTX 20 branding on them. The RTX 2070 card comes with the same memory configuration at the RTX 2080, only sporting a handful fewer CUDA cores; 2,304 to be exact. The cards have just opened for pre-order and will hit shelves in one month on September 20th. The RTX 2070 will only cost $599, however it's now not available for pre-order just yet. All of this pieces are according to the website listing and the cards can be pre-ordered directly from NVIDIA over on the website.

Part of how the new chip achieves high resolution graphics quickly is a special section of the chip that finishes most of the image but then uses artificial intelligence to guess what the unfinished pixels should look like.