Pence: Space Force military branch to be established by 2020

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Today, other nations are seeking to disrupt our space-based systems and challenge American supremacy in space as never before.

US President Donald Trump is really, truly serious about starting up a Space Force as a separate branch of the military.

"It is becoming a contested war fighting domain and we have to adapt to that reality", Mattis said as he introduced Pence. It's not clear whether that independent operation will continue and, if so, how these activities will be coordinated with those of the space force.

For years, some members of Congress and military leaders have been warning that space is no longer a peaceful sanctuary, but a war fighting domain that needs more attention and resources.

Pence discussed actions China and Russian Federation have taken to militarize the space domain, and how Space Force will meet those challenge.

Many retired military officials and some now in the Defense Department privately express reservations about the Space Force as a wholly separate branch of the military. But the Air Force's growth took place while it was still the Army Air Corps; its current status was only granted afterward.

"Creating a new branch of the military is not a simple process", Pence noted. Nobody in the Pentagon believes creating a Space Force makes sense.

Last year, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in a memo to Sen.

"Eventually, it'll settle out, but you will go through years of thrashing".

A better idea would be elevating an organization within the Air Force to deal with space, Thompson said. "I don't think so".

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"This is a critical step toward's establishing the Space Force as the sixth branch of our armed forces".

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report. And there are growing worries about cyberattacks that could target satellite technology, potentially leaving troops in combat without electronic communications or navigation abilities.

Under the plan, the Pentagon will recruit a civilian Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space, and set up an office to develop tech and buy satellites to help the U.S. in space combat.

To establish the sixth branch, the White House would need the approval of Congress.

The 45th President first floated the Space Force idea as a part of his national security strategy back in March, stating that this would fulfil his original vow to ensure the US's dominance in the space race.

US Vice President Mike Pence: "Just as we've done in ages past, the United States meet the emerging threats on this new battlefield".

"Our nation's armed forces have always been the vanguard of advancing American leadership here on Earth and beyond", Pence said.

"There will be no Millennium Falcon, no Jedis or Wookiees we are sad to report", Smith said.

The Department of Defense released a report on Thursday detailing the specifics on how it will carry out Trump's request to establish a Space Force by 2020. "But we can do this within the U.S. Air Force".