Red tide, dead fish plague tourists

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The sparkling white sand of Florida's southwestern beaches aren't dotted with sunbathers this week.

These samples are analyzed for detection and enumeration of Karenia brevis-the species responsible for Florida red tide-along with water quality parameters, phytoplankton community composition, and red tide toxins, officials said.

The city is issuing a daily "fish kill clean-up" report because of the "unprecedented volume of dead sea life now washing up".

At least 400 sea turtles have died, Newsweek is reporting.

Officials say almost 400 sea turtles have died because of the toxic bloom.

Despite consistently being ranked one of the top beaches in the country, fish and eel likely killed by red tide have pushed tourists away from the area. "We're even seeing large loggerhead sea turtles being effected, and that's because this red tide has lasted into the nesting season".

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The cause of these awful scenes: A toxic algal bloom known as red tide.

While biologists are still working to determine the cause of death, if the algae bloom did play a role, it would be the first known incident in which a whale shark has been killed by a bloom. Those who are looking for spots free of red tide can visit and to see which beaches have been affected.

To report an injured, sick or dead marine animal contact the FWC at 1-888-404-FWCC.

Most algae blooms are beneficial to the ocean, providing a source of food for marine creatures.

A combination of red tide along Florida's coastline and blue-green algae in rivers and canals is killing a variety of animals in Florida waters this summer.