Rudy Giuliani keeps moving the bar on the Mueller investigation

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But they also say Special Counsel Robert Mueller would bring charges of conspiracy, making false statements to federal investigators or obstructing justice.

U.S. President Donald Trump denied Tuesday there was any "collusion" between his presidential campaign and Russian Federation, and declared that "collusion is not a crime" anyway. Mueller has already accused Trump's former campaign chairman and another top aide of working as foreign agents for Ukrainian interests and funneling millions of dollars from the work into offshore accounts used to fund lavish lifestyles.

"He said something in our meeting with him that he thought September was the date to get their report in", Giuliani said Monday during an interview on CNN's "New Day". "But bank robbery is a crime too, and so I am sort of perplexed that it has come down to synonyms".

Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani said the claims made by all parties are "flat-out untrue" while speaking on Fox News Sunday.

Cohen says Trump knew about Trump Tower meeting with Russians
The Russian government said through intermediaries to Trump Jr. that it was supporting Trump and wanted to help the campaign. Sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam (Taxi cabs maybe?).

Giuliani said, however, that if Trump does sit for an interview he would only agree to answer questions about whether his campaign colluded with Russian Federation to help him win, not questions, except in a very limited way, about obstruction.

The former New York City mayor said this morning that the president did not collude with the Russians and even if he did so, it wouldn't be a crime. But if it wasn't a crime, and you also didn't do it, why such a vociferous effort to deny it?

"We're mindful of the fact that we'd like to get [the investigation] over with by September". "This is a theater of the absurd", Giuliani said.

Former FBI Director James Comey said during a CNN town hall in April that "collusion is actually not a thing that exists under the federal laws of the United States", and that he "had never heard the term until it appeared in the media". "And when that is released, I think the American public's going to learn a lot about the flaws in the investigation, the circular intelligence reporting that occurred and whether there's any evidence of collusion, which I don't believe there is, based on my reporting", Solomon warned.