Sorry, Android. You can’t have more than two notches

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Google has also released details of what developers can expect from OEMs manufacturing smartphones with display cutouts. Additionally, Google also highlights that in order for cutouts to not intrude or negatively affect apps, two requirements are needed.

In light of the notch's increasing prevalence, Google has introduced the guidelines as a way to make sure apps provide "a consistently great experience across devices with one or two display cutouts, as well as devices with 18:9 and larger aspect ratios". The final version of Android P is supposed to be out soon, of course, so points to Google for at least looking down the road and trying to get a little ahead of the game. Google says it worked with device manufacturer partners to establish a set of practices for notch implementation so that the hardware design won't conflict with software rules built for app devs.

You won't see multiple cutouts on a single edge, or more than two cutouts on a device.

If any of you insane phone makers are thinking about building a phone with three or more notches, probably don't do that. There's nothing the company could do to prevent handset manufacturers from making phones with any number of notches they want - but it could make life hard for anyone who chose to ignore the guidelines. It has also detailed how developers can make their apps compatible with devices that support display notches. "This [means that you] won't see multiple cutouts on a single edge, or more than two cutouts on a device". Google states that "the app's window is allowed to extend into the cutout area if the cutout is fully contained within a system bar". This second rule is to ensure no app content is displayed in the cutout area.

Android P

Whether we like it or not, the notch or display cutout isn't going away. While we have seen the number of notched Android phones growing increasingly this year, consumers are still divided on the notch.

Here's the thing. The notch at the top of the screen has a objective.

This little black cut-out on top of the screen may look like an eyesore, but more and more phones are jumping on this trend.

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