Tristan Thompson Gave Draymond Green The Fade & Taper Combo, Allegedly

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Apparently, Thompson was still upset about all of that as late as the middle of July, because according to a report from Marcus Thompson, he tried to fight Green at an ESPYs after party in Los Angeles.

It seems Green was trying to do the right thing, as his postgame response was a byproduct of a high following a pivotal Game 1, where he was shoved only by coming in the vicinity of Thompson, who had an issue with Shaun Livingston shooting the ball before the shot clock expired. Then as Thompson walked away, he pointed as if to say that they should meet outside. The same report had Kevin Durant and LeBron breaking up the scuffle.

The on-court bad blood between Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green has spilled into a bar brawl. Following the Cavaliers succumbing to their heavily-talented counterpart in a four-game sweep, Green refused to shake Thompson's hand claiming "we aren't cut from the same cloth" when asked about the unsportsmanlike stance.

Referees need to be on high alert during next season's Warriors-Cavs matchups because LeBron won't be there to break up the next fight between Draymond and Tristan Thompson. We are uncovering this story and figuring out if it's true or not!

"It was a sucker punch", said one source who attended the party.

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In a statement to The New Yorker , Moonves acknowledged that he "may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances. On Friday, she tweeted that her husband is a "kind, decent and moral human being" and she "fully supported" him .

Another source described it as a face mush while other reports described it as a legit punch. According to Jason McIntyre of Fox Sports Radio, Thompson felt embarrassed by what transpired at the end of the Finals and made his feelings known. With superstar LeBron James no longer on the Cavs squad, at least the feud between Tristan and Draymond should keep the Cavaliers/Warriors matchups somewhat interesting.

After a conflict resolution session among National Basketball Association millionaires, temperatures settled.

The players got into a big fight earlier this month inside LA nightspot Delilah, multiple sources told BOSSIP. "It was much ado about nothing".

Green and Thompson have not publicly commented on the incident - and there's not a great reason for them to weigh in.

It'll be interesting to see if the two are cordial when the Cavs and Warriors suit up against each other in a few months.