Trump promotes white nationalist propaganda about South Africa

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Trump's tweet appeared to be a response to a Fox News report that focused on South Africa's land issue and murders of white farmers. Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said expropriating land without compensation "would risk sending South Africa down the wrong path", but she did not repeat the president's suggestion that large numbers of white South African farmers had been killed.

Land is a complex issue in South Africa.

On 1 August, Ramaphosa announced that the ruling African National Congress (ANC) would move forward with plans to change the constitution to allow the expropriation of land without compensation, a motion passed by parliament in February.

London-based Financial Times reported that activists believed land reform is a "red-herring" given other thorny challenges such as failures to support black farmers, reform exploitative tenancy laws, and tackle the abuse by traditional chiefs of land they own. Opponents say EWC is a threat to food security and the economy. "We must ensure ownership of land for all South Africans", he tweeted.

Still, Trump's tweet Wednesday was met with anger from the South African government, which characterized his unsubstantiated claim as "misinformed".

"South Africa totally rejects this narrow perception which only seeks to divide our nation and reminds us of our colonial past", the South African Foreign Ministry said in a statement Wednesday.

The Minister has taken note of the statement that was provided by the US Department of State following earlier diplomatic engagements indicating, amongst others, that the hard issue of land reform is being undertaken through an open process including public hearings, broad-based consultations, and active civil society engagement.

However, the South Africa president said it would be done in an ordered manner and there would be no land grabbing.

"They told us they didn't care". In Zimbabwe we saw the government there squash civil society, shut down the media from doing their jobs and reporting and destroyed an independent judiciary. "We have not seen that happen in South Africa", she said.

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To AfriForum Deputy CEO Ernst Roets, Trump's interest in South Africa's land distribution policies is evidence that his group's messaging is working.

South African lawmakers are now debating expropriation of some 150 farms in the country, including whether a constitutional amendment would be needed to move forward with the plan and what compensation might look like.

Defending Mr Dutton's comments, former prime minister Tony Abbott told 2GB's Ray Hadley "there is a very serious situation developing in South Africa".

President Donald Trump has waded into South Africa's most divisive and racially-charged debate: the potential seizure of white-owned farms.

South Africa's Department of International Relations and Cooperation revealed it would seek a meeting with USA embassy officials Thursday for further clarification of Trump's "unfortunate comments", Bloomberg reported.

Murders of farmers in South Africa are at a 20-year low, research by one of the country's biggest farmers' organisations claimed this year.

Though land reform has been mentioned for years since the end of apartheid, the recent government in South Africa seems to be willing to take a step further in ensuring that black South Africans reclaim their land.

Progress has been slow.