Amazon Smart Plug will add Alexa to any plug socket

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The unannounced Amazon Smart Plug will work with Alexa and according to the details we found on, will let you schedule times to turn devices on and off, use Alexa for voice control or control devices when you're away from home. Also, the range is said to be spread across different segments such as microwave oven, amplifier, receiver, subwoofer and even an in-car accessory.

As CNBC notes, Amazon could drive sales of its in-home devices through partnerships with home-installation companies - a strategy that Sonos has successfully used to bring its own Alexa-enabled speakers into homes. The microwave will put Amazon head-to-head with the General Electric Co., which already offers a smart microwave, itself Alexa-enabled.

Amazon's new product lineup is interesting considering the company's serious move to home appliances.

Each one of these new products could open up fresh revenue streams for Amazon.

It's believed Amazon will unveil a few of these Alexa-powered devices at an event later this month.

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Assuming the report is true, this would be the first time Amazon launched its own smart home appliances. Alexa is arguably the most popular digital assistant for the home, which could give Amazon's devices an advantage.

Earlier this year, Amazon acquired the smart doorbell maker Ring, which also makes devices that are compatible with Alexa. A survey from digital agency Acquity detailed that by 2019, nearly two-thirds of people plan to own a smart home device. But it looks like the e-commerce firm is planning to expand its hardware portfolio drastically with as many as eight devices if the latest report by CNBC holds some weight.

Amazon isn't the only company trying to spread its digital assistant.

Both Home and Echo are continually listening for commands, though Google and Amazon say nothing gets passed back to them until the speakers hear a keyword - "OK, Google" for Home and "Alexa" for Echo.