Big Ten Network suspends analyst Braylon Edwards for tweets

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Braylon Edwards got called for an unnecessary roughness foul - against his own team.

In his original tweet, Edwards called out lineman Cesar Ruiz and quarterback Shea Patterson. "On the other level, it's disappointing that a member of the Big Ten Network would choose to attack the character to our players".

VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh isn't letting Braylon Edwards' off the hook for his comments, saying "come after me" if he's going to attack anyone on the program.

On Monday, Harbaugh defended his players, both first-year starters for the Wolverines. "It's not factual", he said.

The former Jets wide receiver targeted his own alma mater, Michigan, with a blistering critique, singling out two players and calling its entire program "trash" on Saturday. "Just so you know, that's not coming from anybody inside here".

Edwards was an All-American at MI in 2004 and is the school's career leader in catches, yards and touchdown catches.

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The Big Ten Network announced Monday that Edwards has been suspended indefinitely from his role as an analyst for violating the network's social media guidelines.

"Of course, it's always good to be back here, it's good when they're beating anyone here, but just because it is MI, it's even that much better", one fan said.

He apologized in part later in the day, saying he "should not have attacked Ruiz and Patterson that hard or period individually" but said MI "still needs to step up so no apologies there". "With that being said UM football still needs to step up so no apologies there". "I'm a man. We make mistakes". "I would like to address the tweet from this past Saturday", he wrote.

"At the end of the day we're college students, we're college football players". You don't want to lose ever, but you can't change that.

Saturday was the season opener, under the lights, Notre Dame against MI.