Elizabeth Warren warns of 'back-alley abortions' if Brett Kavanaugh confirmed

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"Bribery will not work on Senator Collins". With a 51-49 GOP majority, Kavanaugh's confirmation to the court is virtually assured if either senator votes yes.

The Maine's People's Alliance has banded together with the Mainers for Accountable Leadership and Ady Barkan, a dying father who has campaigned for healthcare reform, to ask Collins, a Republican senator from Maine, to vote no on Kavanaugh.

Activists have also raised $360,000 in pledges for Collins's opponent in 2020 if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh. "Unlike most of our decisions, which can be amended, repealed, or otherwise corrected over time, this is a one-time vote on a lifetime appointment which will likely profoundly affect our country for the foreseeable future".

In this case, that senator is Maine's Susan Collins, a centrist who is seen by many as something of a swing vote in highly partisan congressional fights, including the Kavanaugh nomination. Collins will make up her mind based on the merits of the nomination.

And in a letter sent to her Portland, Maine office, the writer on August 9 says that "EVERY waitress who serves you is going to spit in your food, and that's if you're lucky, you f***ing c***! So at least 300 of them have gone to a very good cause". But it did give Collins an award a year ago for her vote to protect President Barack Obama's health care law, and it could turn around and use its massive political influence against her in 2020 if she votes the wrong way on Kavanaugh. "Vote against us and we give her the money".

Planned Parenthood launched a six-figure cable and digital ad campaign in ME on Wednesday that features a focus group of independent female voters who strongly want Collins to oppose Kavanaugh. An initial goal of $300,000 was quickly surpassed last week.

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Yesterday Senator Collins was asked about this controversial campaign by conservative news organization NewsMax. "The First Amendment guarantees their right to do so".

"This quid pro quo fund-raising campaign appears to be the equivalent of an attempt to bribe me", Collins said in an emailed statement to the Times.

"This effort will not influence my vote at all", she added.

Jonathan Berkon, an attorney specializing in election law, defended the fundraiser and its proponents against what he called a "bogus legal threat". In other words, Collins' campaign will effectively gain $1.1 million if the senator votes against Trump's nominee.

On social media, a number of the campaign's supporters pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of attacking small donors for attempting to persuade Collins to represent their interests, while happily accepting millions in corporate and PAC contributions over her decades in public office. "Actually, two told me that; one told me it's extortion".