Four Republicans could reject Trump's Supreme Court pick

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Republicans chose to hire a female attorney because of the risk that the panel's 11 Republican men - there are no GOP women on the committee - might say something insensitive to Ford. "I'm confident about the trousers coming up, and I'm confident about Brett being there", she said.

Her allegation against the conservative federal appeals court judge has endangered his confirmation by the Republican-led Senate to a lifetime job on the top usa court.

President Donald Trump followed up his address to the United Nation's General Assembly by blasting the women who have accused his Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault/misconduct.

Kavanaugh's march toward Senate confirmation has been rocked by allegations of decades-old sexual improprieties from two women. Kavanaugh's Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez told the New Yorker on Sunday that he had pushed his penis in her face and forced her to touch it during another drunken party.

President Donald Trump and most Senate Republicans have said an FBI investigation isn't needed. "I have always treated women with dignity and respect", Kavanaugh said on Monday as he broke his long silence on the issue. And she doesn't know if it was him, but it might've been him.

"Who's going to want to go before this system to be a Supreme Court judge or to be a judge or be even a politician?" he asked.

If Kavanaugh's nomination does make it to a vote from the entire U.S. Senate, it is possible that some GOP senators could join Democrats in voting against the nominee.

Asked whether Ramirez should also be allowed to testify, Trump said, "The second accuser has nothing".

Kavanaugh denied the story, calling it "a smear, plain and simple".

A comment by Murkowski to CNN on Tuesday could be an ominous sign for Kavanaugh. Republican leaders and Trump have rejected Democratic demands for the FBI to investigate the allegations.

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Regarding Ford's testimony, there are still unresolved procedural and logistical issues, her lawyers said, including whether the Judiciary Committee's Republican senators, who are all male, or staff attorneys would question her.

"I was not at the party described", Mr Kavanaugh said.

US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has declared in a televised interview that he never sexually assaulted anyone in high school or at any other time in his life.

Ms Ford accuses Mr Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party when they were teenagers.

"If such a thing had happened, it would have been the talk of campus", Mr Kavanaugh said.

While he did not witness the incident alleged by Ramirez, Roche said Kavanaugh and his social circle "were capable" of such actions. "What we use to define sexual harassment, assault, and abuse is a lack of consent - not whether there was vaginal penetration or a certain act committed, but that there was sexual contact without consent..."

"The truth is I've never sexually assaulted anyone, in high school or otherwise. I have faith in God and I have faith in the fairness of the American people".

The interview comes a day after another woman went public with a new set of sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh.