Google Celebrates Chrome’s 10th Birthday With A New Look

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Google Chrome was launched 10 years ago and as part of the celebration, Google has released Chrome 69 for desktop, Android, and iOS.

As for Chrome for desktop, Google has brought the new Material Theme design sporting lighter colours and rounded shapes, even for this version. So I switched to Firefox as recent UI changes made it look as fantastic on a Mac as it does on a Windows 10 computer.

If you're already using a password generator, this feature won't feel like anything new, but it's convenient to have this service integrated into the browser, at least. In the near future, you will even be able to search your Google Drive without loading Google Drive. Coming to iOS, Chrome 69 brings all the new design elements, and all the new features mentioned above, but additionally also relocates the toolbar to the bottom of the app. Users new and old will now be met with a rounded search bar, rounded tabbed pages, and rounded quick search icons. If you're lazy or open a bunch of tabs, this feature will save you a bit of time so you won't have to find the answer on Wikipedia or WolframAlpha. On desktop, you can see a cleaner, vertical look to the tabs that are meant to make better use of the top of the browser while keeping the tabs visible for ease of navigation.

Chrome revamped its autofill and password manager to be more accurate across different sites. This effectively reconfigures the experience for one-handed browsing, as you don't need to awkwardly shift your hand up to the top of your phone screen to pick a tab or pull up the search bar.

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This week is the Google Chrome browser's tenth anniversary, and Google is celebrating with the release of Chrome 69.

As Chrome gained popularity, the browsers market share continued to grow exponentially and today holds more than 60% of that share on desktop and over 50% on mobile.

You can search for weather, specific answers, sports scores and much more. You can take personalization to a new level in the latest Chrome by customizing the background of new blank tabs you open and adding your own shortcut to your favorite websites. For users who wish to update to the new Chrome, can do so by downloading it from the link or updating it using the built-in updater.

Restart your browser by typing chrome://restart in the address bar and pressing enter. It said: "Imagine searching on Chrome for a singer you just heard, and having Chrome show you not just their bio, but also their upcoming concert near you and where to purchase tickets".