Ronan Farrow’s Former Producer Accuses NBC of Attempting to Block Weinstein Story

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A former NBC producer who worked with journalist Ronan Farrow on the reporter's exposé of sexual assault and misconduct allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein is accusing NBC News executives of resisting the pair's efforts to report the story. Rich McHugh, the journalist who worked with Farrow on the story at NBC, released a statement calling NBC's alleged actions "unethical" and "a massive breach of journalistic integrity".

Farrow is writing a book, "Catch and Kill", about his reporting into Weinstein and other men. "And to stand down on the story altogether".

A new report presents more troubling accusations against NBC News over its handling of a bombshell report by Ronan Farrow it ultimately refused to publish.

"Farrow was prepared to fly to California to interview a woman who was going to claim in silhouette on camera that Weinstein had raped her", reports the far-left Daily Beast.

By this point, according to a Daily Beast report, Farrow already had an on-air interview with actress Rose McGowan saying she was attacked by a Hollywood executive (she declined at this point to name Weinstein on air, though she would later), and a tape from the New York Police Department on which Weinstein admitted to groping model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez.

A network spokesperson contested that Oppenheim "absolutely" did not have "a conversation with Harvey Weinstein about the content of NBC News's investigation".

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"Dissatisfied with that decision, Farrow chose to leave for a print outlet that he said was willing to publish immediately", read the statement. NBC News told him 'we will not stand in your way, ' and allowed him to take his reporting to The New Yorker, where, two months later, he published a strong piece that cited the following victims by name: Asia Argento, Mira Sorvino, Rosanna Arquette, Lucia Evans, Emma de Caunes, Jessica Barth, and Sophie Dix.

Auletta, a mediawriter for the New Yorker, helped Farrow find a home for the reporting after he parted with NBC. "I knew that Weinstein was calling NBC executives directly", he added.

"He was never told to stop in the way he's implying", Oppenheim told the Times.

It's safe to say that NBC News has a lot to answer for. He left his job at NBC's investigative unit some two weeks ago for an opportunity to work for Al Gore on a climate change documentary.

The network infamously lost the "Access Hollywood" scoop in the run-up to the 2016 election, and one of NBC's biggest stars, Matt Lauer, was sacked past year over allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

According to the Daily Beast, Oppenheim is blaming his boss, NBC News Chairman Andy Lack, for making him the scapegoat. Weinstein, through a spokesperson, has consistently denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.