Serena keen to 'move on' from US Open row

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Naomi Osaka defeated Williams 6-2, 6-4 in NY to win her first Grand Slam title, but all the attention was firmly placed on umpire Carlos Ramos' decision to inflict Williams with a game penalty, following a coaching violation and the docking of a point due to racquet abuse.

However, Williams is still refuting any accusations of coaching, even following Mouratoglou's admissions, and is baffled as to why he would make these claims.

Despite Williams' publicist attempting to change the line of questioning, to William's credit, she didn't shy away from Wilkinson's questions during her interview for The Sunday Project. "It was just a really confusing moment".

Williams repeatedly denied receiving coaching, yet Mouratoglou later confirmed he had attempted to send her signals but that he did not think they were seen.

Serena replied: 'I just don't understand what he was talking about.

Wilkinson told her panellists on The Project that, point blank, Williams' publicist warned that if she asked about the controversial Herald Sun cartoon then the tennis champ would end the interview right there and then.

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Serena Williams has opened up on her infamous US Open meltdown, saying she's doing "okay, not great" and that her young daughter Olympia brought immediate perspective to the situation. Serena's assertion of not seeing her coach's motions does not tally with her statement during the final, where she argued fiercely that he wasn't coaching her but gave her a thumbs up.

She said: "Even a man, if you want to express yourself in a way where you're not using profanity or you're just being yourself, and you're at this moment where you've worked for since you were three years old and you're on the cusp of this incredible moment.your female you should be able to do even half of what a guy can do".

Knight caused a stir worldwide when he published a caricature of Williams losing at the US Open with the umpire quipping, "Can you just let her win", with critics branding the cartoon racist while Germaine Greer believed it was sexist.

"We've never had signals, and he said he made a motion. Why would you say that?" she said of her discussion with her coach. So, it was like, 'OK, you made a motion, now you tell people that you're coaching?

Williams opened up on the emotional hours that followed her US Open loss in an interview with Mamamia's Mia Freedman. That doesn't make sense. Say it. Say you're sorry, ' she added.

"I just don't understand what he was talking about".