Syria to Recapture Idlib Peacefully or Militarily: Deputy FM

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The system will "significantly increase the Syrian army's combat capabilities", he said.

"It is capable of intercepting air threats at a range of more than 250 kilometers and simultaneously hitting several aerial targets", he said in the statement.

Russia laid the blame on Israel, saying the Israeli fighter jets essentially used the Russian aircraft as a shield and pushed it into Syria's line of fire.

The main jihadist group in northwest Syria will announce its position on a Turkish-Russian deal over Idlib in the next few days, it said on Monday, with its acceptance or rejection vital to the success of efforts to contain the war.

A statement after the meeting said the Security Cabinet "instructed the IDF to continue to take action against attempts by Iran to establish a military presence in Syria while continuing the security coordination with Russian Federation".

Last week's crash, which killed 15 Russian service members, had forced Moscow to take "adequate retaliatory measures to increase the safety of Russian military fighting global terrorism in Syria", Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Monday in a televised address.

However, he added, the Syrian missile suddenly changed its course and "locked on a target with a larger radar cross-section and slower speed", which was the Russian reconnaissance plane coming in for landing.

This goes against the longtime Pentagon policy that the USA military mission in Syria would conclude once the terrorists are defeated. It is possible that these aircraft delivered of the S-300 air defense systems to Syria. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to discuss the issue with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during this week's U.N. General Assembly in NY.

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Israel, which has repeatedly bombed Iranian targets in Syria, had always been opposed to such deliveries, and Russian Federation has in the past abided by Israel's request.

Russia is to send new anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, a week after Syrian forces accidentally shot down a Russian aircraft during an Israeli air strike.

"This is a very ungrateful response to everything Russian Federation has done for Israel".

"The Russian side proceeds from the fact that the actions by the Israeli air force were the main reason for the tragedy", a statement said. On top of that, the Russian military will start using electronic countermeasures to jam any aircraft that would try to launch attacks off Syria's coast. Israel flies missions with relative ease over Syria, given the latter's largely antiquated air defenses, and Israeli officials recently admitted to carrying out more than 200 bombing raids inside Syria over the past two years.

It seems clear however, that for Russian Federation, the transfer of the S-300 at this stage of the Syrian conflict is to save face.

Syria's airspace is already the most crowded in the world with air-defense systems.

The daily newspaper Ynetnews appeared to share Haaretz's stance, having stressed that the delivery of the S-300s was "bad news for Israel" as it would limit the Israeli Air Force's freedom of action throughout Syria and "apparently in Lebanon".