Tom Arnold, Mark Burnett Get Into Pre-Emmy Scuffle

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Actor Tom Arnold and TV producer Mark Burnett appear to have gotten into a physical altercation at a pre-Emmys party on Sunday night.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed it was aware of an incident involving Arnold and Burnett, but no report had been filed.

On Sunday night, Arnold and Burnett both attended the "Evening Before" party in Century City benefiting MPTF (Motion Picture & Television Fund). Both Burnett and Arnold were allowed into the party after the situation calmed down.

Vice announced that Arnold would be featured in a new show called "The Hunt for the Trump Tapes" and would investigate rumored recordings of the president. Arnold claimed Burnett tried to choke him.

Emmys 2018 Pre Award Show Party Pics
Emmys 2018 Pre Award Show Party Pics

Arnold said that she is lying and that he is going to sue her for defamation.

But Burnett's wife, Roma Downey, tweeted a totally different perspective of the scuffle - claiming that Arnold had "ambushed" her husband and gave her a bruised hand during the ensuing commotion. Sources note that Arnold was behind the "Survivor" EP at the Emmys gathering and seemed to be approaching Burnett before the less than 30-second dust-up happened. According to Arnold, Burnett, who produced the Apprentice, allegedly has tapes of Mr. Trump making racist and bigoted statements during the show's filming. Time will tell whether Arnold found anything substantive on any tapes, and furthermore, whether said tapes will make a difference on anyone's opinion of Trump.

But Tom didn't exactly take too kindly to that, opting to (probably accidentally) go for a very Trump-ian tactic in response: the threatened lawsuit (below)! Downey in her tweet wrote, "Is your TV show worth it Tom?". (A source within earshot of the tussle said Arnold challenged Burnett on the Apprentice outtakes, specifically.) The source also said it was unclear who made the first move. "He's okay. We gotta protect this brutal angel", he wrote. Reps for Burnett and Downey declined to comment. We asked Arnold if he expect's Fogel to speak out on the incident.

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