Trump hosts joint news conference with Poland president

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President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the United States is considering a request from Poland for a permanent US military presence in the fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organisation country.

As Duda gave his opening remarks and expressed interest in defense projects in conjunction with the US, he proposed the construction of a permanent military base that would be named after Trump.

President Donald Trump is welcoming the leader of Poland to the White House.

'When we're defending immensely wealthy countries and they're not paying for the defense to the United States they're only taking advantage of us, ' Trump said, resurrecting a harangue about Germany and other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies who fall short of defense spending pledges.

"I think it's a very aggressive situation". I think that Russian has acted aggressively.

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'I said I would very much like for us to set up a permanent American bases in Poland, which we would call Fort Trump, and I firmly believe that this is possible.

Warsaw could offer up to $2 billion in funding for a USA military base, according to a Polish Defense Ministry proposal reported by Polish media. "And I'm convinced that this cooperation between Poland and the United States will go on smoothly", Duda continued.

"He would pay the United States, meaning Poland would be paying billions of dollars for a base", Trump said. "We're looking at it from the standpoint of number one, military protection, for both countries, and also cost".

Trump is reported to have ordered a review of costs of basing United States troops in Germany, against a backdrop of poor relations with Germany. Trump has also pressured Merkel to buy U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG), but there is limited demand for it in Germany for cost reasons.