Trump visits Montana to boost Democratic Sen. Jon Tester's GOP challenger

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"I see people at school recognize me, 'Hey, that's plaid shirt guy.' Yeah, that's me".

"What I'm really disturbed by is the fact that two months ago, when the president came out and announced his nominee, Jon Tester said, 'I'm going to keep an open mind and meet with Brett Kavanaugh, '" Rosendale said.

His staffers were not in the dark however, and made the quick decision to eject the three guests from the stage and block a fourth from the cameras in the middle of President Trump's remarks.

Linfesty is a student at Billings West High School and was chosen to sit in the VIP section of the rally behind Trump. He can also be seen standing soberly at various points in the rally when the other audience members clapped and cheered. Some stuff I agreed with, some stuff I disagreed with.

Linfesty claimed nobody actually told him why he was booted from the venue - he says he had his ID checked before being escorted away from the rally, as a piece in USA Today has noted. "I had to be honest in my views".

"Those faces were completely genuine".

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For those who don't have V.I.P. access, there's another way to get front and center at a rally: Show up early. "What your administration has done is bring us back to life", the man told Trump.

President Donald Trump says he is willing to testify to Russian Federation special counsel Robert Mueller, but only "under certain circumstances" that continue to be subject to negotiations. Where Linfesty could not find common ground was with Trumps tax plan, which he believes benefits the top 1% and not the middle class. And given the midterm elections in November could shift the congressional balance of power toward the Democrats, Trump knows all too well that could trigger impeachment proceedings against him.

"It's not a priority on the agenda going forward unless something else comes forward", she said.

Asked by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt about whether Trump can be indicted, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday that the Justice Department "has taken the position. that the appropriate remedy for presidential misbehavior is impeachment", though he added that he is "not an expert on this". He said Secret Service and police treated him respectfully. Kaiser said Tester had demonstrated a "proven bipartisan record of working with this administration when it helps Montana and oppose them when it doesn't". "Very respectfully just told me to leave".

"All of those reactions [during the rally] were my natural reaction", he told CNN's Don Lemon in an interview.