Flu Shot Myths That Need To Be Debunked ASAP

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"The vaccine covered four of the viruses circulating globally, including the Flu A (H1N1) that we are now seeing most commonly in New Zealand".

View the complete schedule and appointment availability for all campuses. "So it makes sense, if you have the inspiration, ability and desire to be vaccinated against influenza", - said the doctors. "Our goal is to keep the wait to be seen under five minutes".

For those paying cash, pharmacies generally charge $20 to $45 per shot, but the price can vary based on which drugstore you visit.

Getting back into the flu shot specifically, there's already plenty of skepticism surrounding this one form of vaccination alone. That preservation process makes the virus serve as the antigen, or substance which causes the human body to create antibodies and fight the flu.

"Well it is a myth" said Baron, "the flu shot is not a live vaccine".

The flu season is now officially underway and the state and area hospitals are holding mass vaccination events.

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After an extremely deadly and severe flu season past year, health professionals want Washingtonians to be more prepared this time around. The agency, which didn't begin counting flu deaths for the 2018-2019 flu season until September 30, will issue its weekly report on statewide flu hospitalizations and deaths on Thursday, and will continue issuing the reports for the next eight months of flu season. It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to provide full protection.

Remember, some folks think the flu is any gastrointestinal illness - that's a common misconception. I'm not gonna put my quarter on one or the other. Furthermore, people who are immunocompomised and can't get the vaccine depend on healthy people to get the shot, to avoid spreading the infection to people who cannot be protected.

Traditionally, most people have gotten flu vaccinations at doctors' offices or government health centers.

"Some vulnerable people may not receive flu vaccination, but if the people around them are vaccinated, we collectively develop herd immunity that protects them", says Webster. The majority of those who died were over age 65, according to estimates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. So many people caught the flu that some hospitals and pharmacies across the USA ran out of antiviral drugs, Alabama declared a state of emergency and a school district in Arkansas closed all 10 of its schools.

The flu season can last up until spring and if you've ever had the flu you wouldn't want to get again. "Getting the flu is not a big deal for some of us, but it is deadly for others".