Kanye West Gifts Museveni With White Sneakers

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Kanye West has been documenting his trip to Uganda since he touched down, however, he's faced some backlash for his meeting with President Museveni.

Kanye captioned his vid "Mind control", and started off by railing at social media and discussing how he's hurt by people trying to tell him what to do. Kanye received a slew of criticism for his pro-trump rant during the show, which may have inspired his social media hiatus. The rapper brought his wife, Kim Kardashian, and their kids along for the ride.

Days after a rambunctious meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House, a more subdued West presented Yoweri Museveni with a pair of white sports shoes made by his own company that he and Kardashian then signed with a marker pen.

Saturday Night Live opened the third episode of Season 44 with a sketch in which President Donald Trump came to realize why it is that he has become such a Kanye West superfan.

Seth Meyers couldn't let his time hosting the October 13 episode of "Saturday Night Live" come and go without stepping back behind the "Weekend Update" desk to resurrect his "Really!?!" segment. "I don't want to brag, but I really have a high IQ", West said.

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In the video, he also criticised social media and its effect on users, especially when people care too much about how many followers they have or likes they get on a picture.

After talking West stood up and approached Trump with the words: "I love this guy, let me hug".

While recording in a makeshift studio built in a fully-equipped white dome overlooking the park, Kanye live-streamed some sessions on Twitter as he danced to some African songs in the company of some Ugandan artists. That hadn't happened yet.

Following one of his set of tweets, the rapper's close friend John Legend got in touch to urge him not to "endorse" the controversial figurehead, and Kanye responded by claiming the singer was attempting to "manipulate his free thought".

"Thank you all for joining us today for this important discussion", Baldwin's Trump began.