Meghan Markle praised for shutting auto door, but Kate did it first

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It was Meghan Markle getting out of her auto and closing the door herself.

Meghan Markle attended the opening of London's new "Oceania" exhibition on Tuesday evening (Sept 25) in what was her first royal solo outing since marrying Britain's Prince Harry in May.

The Duchess stepped out of her auto and greeted a member of staff, before shutting her own vehicle door.

A Twitter user, Christopher Wilson wrote that "First time I've seen an on-duty princess shut her own vehicle door".

Meghan's every smile, step and wave has been scrutinised by royalty watchers curious to see how the mixed-race American actress will perform in her new role.

One Twitter user joked: "People congratulating Meghan for closing her vehicle door is the most British thing ever" while another said: "I can't believe Meghan Markle closing a auto door is big news, this world is broken".

The Metro added that The Royal Family, including the future monarchs William and Kate, has been fending for themselves for years, such as holding umbrellas, carrying bags, and even driving.

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Meghan Markle learned this week that to be royal is to be newborn. She also explained the "something blue" that is stitched inside the dress.

Etiquette expert William Hanson confirmed this in an interview with a British radio show, explaining royals have members of staff to open and close vehicle doors for them as a security measure, rather than "airs and graces".

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's romance became public past year, her half-siblings Samantha and Thomas Jr have given countless comments and interviews about the now Duchess of Sussex.

"A princess who still takes the time to shut her vehicle door".

While what she did may seem like what any other person would do, her actions became a hot topic on social media as Markle apparently broke royal protocol.

The question is, will the rest of the Royal brood follow Markle's lead? "This is nearly twice the 26 per cent who think she should dedicate herself to Royal duties". The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her son, Prince Louis, on April 23.

Emma Teitel is a columnist based in Toronto covering current affairs.