New York's Andrew Cuomo blasts Trump, Republicans over protest clash

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After a brutal brawl that broke out when left-wing Antifa members "intercept [ed]" a group of right-wing "Proud Boys" in Manhattan Friday night, police say they are looking for a total of twelve people caught on video resorting to violence, including three Antifa and nine Proud Boys.

But some of the far-right supporters' stragglers were met by masked protesters, sparking a brawl that spilled on the the streets, police said.

Videos of altercations between Proud Boys members and protesters on the streets were posted to social media.

New York State GOP Chairman Ed Cox refused to cancel McInnes's scheduled talk after the club, which serves as headquarters for both the statewide New York Republican Party and the Manhattan Republican Party, noting that the organizations believe in free speech and don't necessarily agree with the views of everyone who speaks there.

The NYPD released photos of 12 men on Monday who are wanted for questioning in relation to a violent clash outside of the Metropolitan Republican Club on the Upper East Side.

They explained that they were aware that somebody had vandalized Metropolitan Republican Club last Thursday, by spray painting anarchist symbols on the front doors of the clubhouse. But he said the Proud Boys were allowed to leave without being questioned and no arrests were made.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is also speaking out about the incidents that took place, asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation to look into it as well as the state police Hate Crimes Unit.

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"There is no tolerance for violence anywhere in New York City, and the NYPD will do everything in its power to ensure public safety", the statement said.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday continued to blast Republicans for an event over the weekend featuring the founder of the "western chauvinist" group The Proud Boys, comparing it to playing with political fire. "Hate can not and will not be tolerated in New York", Cuomo tweeted Saturday night.

"If you were a victim of an attack, we urge you to file a complaint so we can bring those perpetrators to justice", the NYPD tweeted on Saturday.

Police say the NYPD is reviewing YouTube video of the incident and that more arrests are possible.

"Why would the Republican Party at their main club invite the Proud Boys?"

During his appearance at this club, McInnes used the sword to reenact the assassination of Japanese socialist leader Inejiro Asanuma, who was killed in 1960 by a young, far-right nationalist.Shay Horse, a Brooklyn photojournalist who witnessed Friday night's attack, told BuzzFeed News that the incident took place after police escorted Proud Boys and other event attendees out of the club. "If you know anything, the NYPD wants your help", De Blasio said in a statement.

"We have seen this in other cities, but it is shocking to see it here". "The NYPD has canvassed the area to obtain video and additional evidence".