SOU celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

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Seventy-six other counties and cities have adopted official recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day.

Instead, city officials have chosen instead to celebrate another federal holiday, Veteran's Day on November 12, a day during which the city normally remains open because it would require a paid holiday for all city employees.

Columbus Day is just hours away which means celebrating the Italian explorer for some, but distress for others who are upset over treatment of indigenous people.

Columbus Day, which falls on the second Monday of October, is one of 10 federal holidays recognized by the US government.

The legacy of Columbus, which once hinged on and celebrated his exploration of the New World, has shifted in recent years. Now, for 2018, the groups say they will "once again will be rethinking Columbus Day with a focus on Indigenous people, their handsome cultures and traditions".

Supporters of the Indigenous Peoples Day movement praised the city's decision to cancel the holiday, regardless of what prompted it.

Columbus had not previously observed Veterans Day as a city holiday, says Robin Davis, the director of media relations for Mayor Andrew Ginther. "Somehow he got lost and ended up ... somewhere between Central and South America, I believe".

Some Americans, including Ramapough Lenape Chief Dwayne Perry, have begun to celebrate Indigenous People's Day as an alternative to Columbus Day.

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Indigenous Peoples Day is the same day as Columbus Day, which this year is on October 8, 2018. "We thought it was important to honor them with that day off".

Christopher Columbus has worn out his welcome in L.A. In advance of the city's inaugural Indigenous Peoples Day, a statue of Columbus located just outside Grand Park in downtown L.A. was hidden from view.

Although Spain sponsored his voyage, Columbus was, in fact, a proud citizen of the Italian City of Genoa.

The issue has become something of a sore spot for Italian Americans, who will often point out that they were not treated particularly well themselves when they first started arriving in the US. Hawaii celebrates Discoverers' Day on the second Monday of October. She said she petitioned the University to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day when she was a student.

It's still a federal holiday. The Columbus Day Italian Parade still continued as usual Sunday.

"Today we celebrate Native American communities, & the pride & resilience of people reclaiming their history & traditions".

No doubt there are some residents that support the city shrugging off the holiday this year but according to The Washington Post, there is one group whose opposition to it has rung out the loudest.