UBC issues warning about disruption of natural gas supply

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The rupture occurred near the city of Prince George in British Columbia's northeast.

"Enbridge emergency crews have responded, have isolated and are now depressurizing two natural gas transmission lines in the vicinity to contain the incident", he said.

A massive pipeline explosion in British Columbia risks cutting off the flow of Canadian natural gas to Washington State, and companies are urging customers to conserve.

Fortis noted that when the "system is stable, we'll work to return our customers who have curtailed their gas use back on line".

People are asked to avoid non-essential gas use until the supply issue has been resolved.

Although the gasoline you pump into your vehicle is different than the natural gas in the pipelines, the natural gas is used to power oil refineries.

GasBuddy claims that the duration of the price spike will depend on how long the Enbridge pipeline remains out of service, but it could be felt for the next week or two.

"Unlike Metro Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland, and Vancouver Island which are going to see prices rise, here in the Interior, in Central B.C. and the Okanagan, we will see prices continue to fall".

Hopefully not. Doug Stout, vice-president of external relations with FortisBC, said there was a risk that 700,000 customers in the Lower Mainland would run out when both pipelines were down, but that risk is lower now that the smaller pipeline is back on.

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The RCMP has confirmed that there has been a pipeline explosion in the vicinity of Prince George, B.C.

This includes turning off thermostats and limiting other uses of natural gas as much as possible.

Witness Terry Teegee said the blast shook the area at about 5:30 p.m.

Here's what we know about what that means for you.

Alberta and B.C. gas prices had jumped in recent weeks thanks to more demand because of unusually cold weather in Alberta.

NEB said it had sent a team to the site and was working with the company and other affected parties on the emergency response and investigation.

The company will update its customers as soon as it is in a position to offer something new, said Stout.

On Wednesday, the company reported that natural gas use province-wide has already dropped by 20 per cent - which helps buy time for repairs to be completed - but further reductions are needed.