United Kingdom announces digital services tax on tech giants

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The OECD's aim is to reach agreement by 2020 but Hammond said progress had been "painfully slow", and it was "clearly not sustainable or fair that digital platform businesses can generate substantial value in the United Kingdom without paying tax here".

"When push comes to shove it's not tax rises and it's not the NHS that Hammond is willing to gamble on, its the public finances", IFS director Paul Johnson said.

There was more criticism from Labour's mayor of London, Sadiq Khan who said: "This budget was billed by Theresa May as "the end of austerity" but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Years of grim, penny-pinching budgets and the most cautious chancellor in living memory did not prepare us for yesterday's feast of crowd-pleasing giveaways". "I think he has abandoned any idea of getting to budget balance by the mid-2020s".

Former work and pensions secretary Yvette Cooper said: "People on £90-100k a year will get tax cut worth £860 in April, those on £125k will get £600 - far more than low-paid workers, at a time when child poverty is going up, benefits are being cut, vital council services are being cut, police are badly overstretched".

"Suppose the public finance forecasts deteriorate significantly next year?"

He told MPs: "Whatever the Chancellor claims today, austerity is not over". It feels like this Budget is giving us a few little treats, just helping with little things that help.' For parents Hayley and Philip Stainton, the change to the higher-rate income tax threshold could not come at a better time.

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If he got a pay rise, he would have to pay 40 per cent tax - it's nearly half of what you have earned, so it's nearly not worth earning the extra money because you're taxed so highly!

Measures announced in Mr Hammond's third Budget amounted to a £100 billion loosening of the purse-strings over a six-year period. "The scale would be very hard to predict, given the lack of precedent".

The personal allowance and the higher rate threshold will rise from April in a move Philip Hammond said would mean "a tax cut for 32 million people". The increase will come a year earlier than planned, and will be maintained in 2020. "We expect it to fall to 3.7 per cent by the start of next year, before stabilising and then edging up towards its equilibrium rate, reaching 4.0 per cent in 2023", the OBR says.

Although spending on the NHS will rise "substantially" as a result of the "big upward revision" to overall spending plans announced by the Chancellor on Monday, the rate of improvement will be "nothing particularly historic", remaining lower than the average over the health service's 70-year history, said Mr Johnson.

Downing Street insisted the spending pledges were fully funded, irrespective of the outcome of Brexit talks.

Funnily enough, Hammond decided not to mention that part in his Budget speech, leaving journalists and others to dig around in the small print of the full Budget Red Book to find out that he was taking with one hand after giving with the other.

In a move created to put the United Kingdom at the forefront of global action to adapt tax systems to the digital age, the Chancellor announced a new £400 million levy aimed at internet giants such as Google and Facebook.