Google finds Night Mode really helps battery endurance

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During this presentation Google shared an interesting conclusion: dark mode saves battery life on Android. Switch to dark mode on the micro-blogging platform by going into Settings and Privacy Display and sound Turn on Night Mode. Night mode didn't use any less power on an iPhone 7 with an LCD screen.

Another chart compared the power draws of different colors while at maximum brightness. And when it comes to Black and White both are at the opposite ends in power consumption.

Googler Chris Banes went as far as to say they "kinda shot themselves in the foot slightly in terms of power" when they moved away from the mostly black Holo theme to Material Design and the heavy use of white as a base hue. By removing the "Go" part of the name, it is indicating to users that the app is of general usefulness for any users, and not just those with super low-end devices running on spotty networks. Material came about three years ago.

The dark mode option changes the primary colour theme of an app to the colour black. "We kind of shot ourselves in the foot slightly in terms of power", Banes said.

Google has released Dark Mode for apps such as YouTube, Messages, Google News, and Phone, and we can expect it to arrive for more apps in the future.

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Google then discussed the benefits of dark modes that have become increasingly prominent in its suite of applications, as noted by SlashGear.

Results between the two phones were comparable in Normal Mode, though results showed a much greater disparity with Night Mode. Until then, here are some apps that support the coveted dark mode and some tips on how to preserve the precious battery life on smartphones. Which is why having more ways to get users to update their apps is a good thing for developers.

GOOGLE HAS ANNOUNCED some new features for the Android App Bundle tool which will allow users to carry on using apps even whilst they are updating. Guess which one was better on battery life?

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