Here's the reason Tumblr is missing from Apple's app store

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Many users were having issues while searching inside the app with Safe Mode off.

The hyper-popular social network Tumblr is now not being listed on the Apple App Store, after the tech giant discovered that Tumblr had failed to filter out sexual images of children on it's mobile app.

Two of the apps were even trending on the store.

This is its first time being removed from the App Store in the U.S. However, Tumblr has always been criticized for hosting questionable NSFW material, with a small, but still significant part of its content being pornographic in nature. All of these apps revealed by Stefanko are made by the same developer, and are now available for download from the Play Store.

The driving game apps themselves were useless upon download and simply crashed when users tried to access them.

"Content safeguards are a challenging aspect of operating scaled platforms", Tumblr said in a statement.

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Tumblr revealed that every image uploaded to their platform is "scanned against an industry database of child sexual abuse material" to filter out offending materials.

The website said it immediately removed the images.

Tumblr's official app first appeared in the App Store nearly a decade after Tumblr acquired a third party app called Tumblerette.

As you might be able to notice from the statement, it seems that the reason why the app was pulled out from Apple App Store is likely due to child pornography.

Once any of the apps were installed, opening them caused "the game" to crash, but actually it was downloading further malware onto the phone.

Tumblr partners with organizations including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to compare uploaded material to databases of unacceptable and illegal content.