Netanyahu avoids Israeli snap polls for now

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He said the party was withdrawing all its political demands and would stand by the prime minister.

Nobel Prize-winning advice: Bennett said that as he was contemplating whether to resign, he got a call Sunday night from his friend Robert Aumann, victor of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in game theory analysis.

Israel's right-wing Jewish Home party today abandoned threats to leave the government, leaving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition in place - at least for now.

"This study indicates that politicians know they won't have to pay a price in the established media for their inaccuracies", Tehilla Schwartz-Altschuler, head of the Democracy in the Information Age program at the Israel Democracy Institute, said. Lieberman has now been exiled to the opposition; his wish for early elections as quickly as possible hasn't come to pass. Bennett may have done himself irreparable political damage, his public image as an inexperienced hothead buttressed by his humiliating walk-back.

Bennett and Shaked claim that the ball is now in the prime minister's court-they will be watching for a shift in strategy.

Bennett has threatened to withdraw from the coalition to protest a cease-fire reached by Netanyahu last week with Hamas militants.

"Security has precedence over politics", he concluded.

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"It's better that the prime minister beats me in a political battle than (Hamas leader Ismail) Haniya beats Israel", Bennett said in a parliamentary committee room packed with journalists.

If he does make it through the next few weeks or even months, Netanyahu faces a serious challenge given his coalition's razor-thin majority in Israel's Parliament, the Knesset: 61 seats out of 120.

"I will not say this evening when we will act and how". I met with the current Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and his successor Aviv Cochavi. "At this sensitive security time, it would be irresponsible to topple the government".

"Whether our partners decide to topple the government or not, we will continue to take actions to ensure the security of our state and of our people", he said. "We still have a lot to do", he told Likud MPs.

Netanyahu's re-election chances could also be affected by a series of corruption cases against him in which Israel's attorney-general is weighing his indictment.

The Debka file said, in a report on Saturday, that its sources had identified the type of modern missiles used by Hamas in recent attacks on the Israeli-occupied territories that inflicted considerable damage and casualties on the regime and forced the Israeli government to accept a ceasefire with the Palestinians.