"We Regret US Decision": Russia After Trump Cancels Talks With Putin

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Trump tweeted that in the wake of the seizure of Ukrainian ships and crews in the Black Sea by Russian Federation, it would be best for all parties concerned to nix the meeting.

It comes after Mr Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, claimed in court on Thursday that the president's business ties with Russian Federation continued for months after he had previously claimed.

Trump tweeted his decision from Air Force One on his way to Buenos Aires on Thursday.

Trump said earlier on Thursday that the meeting would "probably" still go ahead despite the major escalation of tensions near Crimea.

Ukraine, which claims its vessels were operating in global waters when they were fired upon, boarded and seized, released data on the exact location of the ships to back that claim.

This week, I offer a special briefing in advance of Trump's participation at the G20 summit in Argentina.

Trump tweeted from Air Force One.

Ukraine has imposed martial law in some of its border regions in response to the incident, and with a growing number of other European countries, urged Western allies to impose additional sanctions on Moscow.

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Russian Federation said Ukraine did not have permission to pass between Russia's mainland and the Crimean Peninsula.

Differences over Ukraine, as well as Moscow's role in the civil war in Syria, have been an irritant in US-Russian relations for years.

"There is no Trump administration, only Trump and some people pretending to constitute this administration", Freeman said.

"Germany is one of our closest allies, and we hope that states within North Atlantic Treaty Organisation are now willing to deploy naval vessels to the Sea of Azov in order to support Ukraine and to guarantee its safety", Bild quotes him as saying.

Meanwhile, President Trump is expected meet with other world leaders as scheduled, including Chinese premier Xi Jingping to discuss the growing trade war between the USA and China.

Russian warships opened fire Sunday when three Ukrainian naval ships-Gyurza-M-class gunboats Berdyansk and Nikopol and the Yana Kapa tugboat-entered the Kerch Strait, located between the Black Sea and Sea of Azov near Crimea. Or French President Emmanuel Macron, now that Trump has all but called publicly for the right-wing nationalists to defeat him in the next election?

In a speech to politicians in Spain, where he is conducting a state visit before attending the Group of 20 leaders' summit in Argentina, he said the world is facing "instability, uncertainty and hot topics without precedents in our history".

"What he's trying to do, because he's a weak person, and not a very smart person", Trump said, "it's very simple, he's got himself a big prison sentence and he's trying to get himself a much lesser prison sentence by making up a story".