Captain Marvel: New poster shows a fiery Brie Larson

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Maybe the upcoming second trailer will shed some more light on this, but whomever Law is actually playing, he will certainly bring a high caliber performance to the film. You can see the poster below. This is a huge spoiler for the film, although after the release of the first trailer, many suspected as much.

Earlier this week, leaked Funko POP! toys named the character Yon-Rogg, a classic Captain Marvel nemesis, although the official release from Funko a day later simply called the character "Star Commander".

However, the Russo brothers revealed that they would be tempted back to helm a Marvel project only if the studio decides to make a live-action adaptation of Secret Wars. "I think Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios President] always has a plan in his head, but he's always ready to throw out the plan and adjust the plan because you never know how the movies are going to turn out".

Deontay Wilder's hilarious expression as Tyson Fury gets up from brutal knockdown
Wilder has emerged as a great heavyweight champion, and he continues to prove that. There were plenty more backing Fury on social media.

We already know that Nick Fury paged Captain Marvel in the credits scene after Infinity War, fully realizing that her assistance is finally required. Marvel Studios tweeted that the trailer will be launched on Monday night. The first female-lead Marvel superhero movie releases in March 2019. This was retweeted by DanielRPK, an account that frequently has accurate Marvel insider info; DanielRPK seconded the Captain Marvel trailer news and also added that the Avengers 4 trailer would be dropping Wednesday morning. Most recently, a theory about the connection between Soul Stone and Thanos also surfaced, which made many to believe that Avengers 4 will show some different perspective of the Mad Titan. Disney has just released the teasers of their two prestigious projects live action "Aladdin" and "The Lion King".

As we inch closer and closer to the movie's release, our want list finds itself growing exponentially.