CenturyLink outage impacting western Washington 911 services

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"The CenturyLink service outage is therefore completely unacceptable, and its breadth and duration are particularly troubling". KOMO reports that some CenturyLink customers reported receiving busy signals when dialing 911. CRESA said it pushed information about reaching 911 through "all other methods" before sending a message through its Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts systems Thursday evening. CRESA is the 911 dispatch for Clark County, Wash. You can also call the 10-digit police or fire department number for your specific area. The problem apparently wasn't affecting landline calls to 911.

The communications company confirmed in a Facebook post around 11 a.m. Thursday that their network is "experiencing a disruption affecting customer services", and some customers are not able to file help tickets on the CenturyLink website.

Customers from NY to California reported outages. It provided no other details, including how many customers were affected.

Counties all over the USA reported downtimes of their 911 call centers over the past hours, impacting states such as Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Idaho, New Mexico, Missouri, Arizona, Colorado, and even some 911 services across the border, in Canada.

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