Former Trump lawyer Cohen asks for no prison time

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Cohen is scheduled to appear in federal court in Manhattan on Thursday where he is expected to enter a guilty plea for misstatements to Congress in closed-door testimony a year ago about his contacts with Russians during the presidential campaign.

Cohen confessed in his guilty plea that he lied to Congress about the Moscow real estate deal he pursued on Trump's behalf during the heat of the 2016 Republican campaign.

"But we're certainly not scared to refer something that we believe is criminal, and lying to Congress is right at the top of it", Burr said. He also pointed out that the former Trump attorney has a history of secretly tape recording conversations.

He faces a possible sentence of up to five years in prison on the false statement charge and a potential $200,000 fine, but sentencing guidelines in the plea deal ranged from zero to six months.


In this November 29, 2018, photo, Michael Cohen walks out of federal court in NY. Did he have any other choice words for his longtime, now-former lawyer other than calling him weak and a liar? Cohen also provided the Attorney General's Office with documents concerning "a separate open inquiry", the memo added, also offering no elaboration.

For decades, such behavior was relatively free of effect for those who aligned with Trump.

And one of the things that the court papers say that were filed by the special counsel's office - they say that Cohen discussed the status and project of the Moscow project with Trump on more than three occasions.

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"I was running my business while I was campaigning", Trump said. Mueller's team has been trying to determine whether anyone with the Trump campaign conspired with WikiLeaks or the Russian government to bolster Trump's chances of winning the White House. And his denials of business dealings with Moscow during the campaign all were cast in the present tense, gliding over any deals proposed in the past, an omission that left a misimpression. He said Stone then incorporated those falsehoods into his congressional testimony - an allegation that Stone vehemently denies. Cohen told the court he lied to be consistent with Trump's campaign positions and out of a sense of loyalty. This only underscores the fact that the Democrats' opposition to Trump, to the extent that it exists, is entirely focused on tactical disagreements over U.S. imperialist foreign policy, with the Democratic Party attacking the militarist and semi-fascist Trump from the right on his posture toward Moscow.

INSKEEP: I just want to remember what's happening in 2016. They also asserted Cohen orchestrated illegal campaign contributions in the form of payments to alleged Trump mistresses in order to protect the former real estate mogul. Around that time, prosecutors say, Sater sent Cohen several messages about the project and Cohen said he wouldn't be travelling then to Russian Federation. What are we learning? The legal team alerted the Justice Department but privately was put off by a reference to Trump in the document.

Besides his cooperation with Mueller, Cohen has also provided the NY state attorney general's office with documents "concerning a separate open inquiry", the lawyers wrote. He has spent many, many hours with him. In fact, the negotiations continued until June 2016, Cohen acknowledged.

KELLY: One sign of what is on the president's mind is of course what he's tweeting.

The president and his allies have escalated their attacks on Mueller in recent weeks. That's the backdrop for this. That could be trouble for a number of people if they have denied to Mueller or Congress knowledge of Russian Federation contacts during that period. And Michael Flynn, another adviser, lied about his interactions with a Russian official and about other matters for reasons that remain unclear. And of course look what happened today.

Trump has repeatedly denied that he had any financial ties to Russian Federation during his 2016 campaign, and has vehemently dismissed the suggestion that there was any collusion between his campaign and the Kremlin.

Trump told the New York Post this week that he has never discussed pardoning Manafort but that a pardon was "not off the table".

According to accounts from people in the meeting that were given to Congress and from elsewhere, the Russians provided a tip about people who they said were improperly funneling money to the Democratic National Committee.