Kim Kardashian blasts Drake for ‘threatening’ Kanye West

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Hip hop star Kanye West went on a freaky and long-winded tweetstorm Thursday night - which included almost 100 tweets - as he blasted fellow rapper Drake and accused him of sending threats.

West unleashed more than 100 tweets Thursday night into Friday morning on a range of topics, but mainly about his feud with Drake - including allegations that Drake threatened West and his family.

Kanye posted a screenshot of a text he received that claims Drake is looking to clear "Say What's Real" from his 2009 mixtape So Far Gone, which samples Kanye's 808s & Heartbreak song "Say You Will".

"I'm the guy with the pink polo that made a way for him.I'm your oxygen.There would never be a drake without a Kanye west so never come out your mouth with a threat".

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Well, Kim, 38, has just stepped in to defend her husband's eight-hour plus rant and appears to confirm that Drake did send "threatening" messages to their family.

"Drake called trying to threaten me", read Kanye's tweet. In June, Kanye placed the words "I hate being Bi-Polar, its awesome" on the cover art for his 2018 album Ye.

Kanye then directed the attention to the recent incident that involved Pusha-T during his performance in Toronto in November, as Pusha revealed that assailants were paid to attack him, allegedly by Drake's camp. He then quickly followed up with several tweets criticizing Drake. Drake has since been throwing subliminal shots at Kanye and all his ventures (Yeezy sneakers, clothing line, etc.), telling people to not buy the 350s and what not. He even said he had "been trying to meet with [Drake] for 6 months". "I told you I ain't tell Pusha about your son", he added. He also said he will never release a diss track: "I will never put negative energy into a song".