New York Yankees: Machado favors Bronx, will decide after New Year

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Some fans even tried to pitch Philadelphia to the four-time All-Star before the Phillies even had a chance.

Whatever money gets thrown Machado's way will impact where he ultimately signs. Then he proceeded to explain, in raised voice, why Machado should not leave without signing with the Phils. Should the Yankees not sign Manny Machado, he'd play for shortstop, for now.

The entire baseball world is waiting on a decision from Manny Machado, and the Yankees could very well still be his final destination.

Machado told reporters his trip to Philly was "pretty awesome". "I'm just enjoying the ride".

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The players knew I wouldn't be putting names to their thoughts; I was simply curious as to the mindsets of those who shared a clubhouse with Machado.

Now that Machado has completed his free agency tour, the question is how long will it be until he decides-and will he end up taking the Phillies' money, or heading to NY?

The Phillies and owner John Middleton are a definite threat to blow the Yankees' offer out of the proverbial water. There have been rumors all offseason that Philadelphia will land either Machado or Bryce Harper, and all indications are that the Phillies would choose the star infielder if they had to pick one.

He's expected to receive a 10-year contract worth over $300 million, despite concerns about his on-field demeanor and play, exacerbated by a sub-par showing in the postseason with the Dodgers. Additionally, after re-signing J.A. Happ, the Yankees can still use another top line starter by going after free agent Dallas Keuchel or going into the trade market target aces like Madison Bumgarner or Corey Kluber.