Delay Brexit if deal is rejected, Dominic Grieve tells Theresa May

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Mrs May has repeatedly said that the Commons must choose between her deal and no deal, saying that if her plan is rejected the default option is that the United Kingdom leaves the bloc with no agreement in March.

But in a vote on Tuesday that raised the chances of a defeat in next week's historic vote, MPs including former ministers approved an amendment that will curtail the government's tax powers in case of a no-deal Brexit.

"I think parliament is very committed to try to stop no-deal, but I think we have to recognise that there is a deal on the table, it does broadly deliver the Brexit people voted for, and if we don't find a way to get this through, we are taking some very big risks".

Mr Hunt's words were seen as a way to win over hardline Brexiteers who are not convinced by Mrs May's deal.

Rather than warming to May's deal since then, lawmakers have tried to wrest control of Brexit from the government and put it in the hands of Parliament.

The government needs 318 votes to get a deal through the 650-seat House of Commons, as seven members of Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein do not sit, four speakers and deputy speakers do not vote and the four tellers are not counted.

But, combined with a vote late on Tuesday when the government lost on the finance bill, the defeats underline May's precarious position in parliament.

With time running out for the Prime Minister to shore up support for her controversial exit plan, Government sources told the Press Association that supporting an opposition bid to enshrine European Union standards was being considered. Instead, Corbyn wants to re-negotiate the withdrawal agreement with Brussels after forming the government after winning in a mid-term election. "These discussions have shown that further clarification over the backstop is possible and those talks will continue over the next few days", May said.

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Analysts at ABN AMRO points out that in a new development in United Kingdom politics, opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn today called for a General Election to resolve the parliamentary impasse over Brexit.

Ms Rudd said it was "right" for the Government to make preparations for a no-deal Brexit, comparing it to wearing a seatbelt when driving a fast vehicle.

"Isn't the prime minister bringing back exactly the same deal she admitted would be defeated four weeks ago?" he asked. Economists and businesses warn that would cause economic turmoil, as goods moving between Britain and the European Union suddenly faced customs checks, tariffs and other barriers. And there is no clear majority in Parliament for any single alternate course.

"It looks likely that the confidence vote will indeed fail".

But if Labour is unable to force the mid-term election, Corbyn said all options were "on the table, including the option of campaigning for a public vote".

Weber said a no-deal withdrawal would "lead to very hard, perhaps even chaotic situations".

He said the choice was between May's deal, no deal or "to reverse the 2016 referendum entirely".