Florida Minimum Wage Increases Today

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Florida's minimum wage rises to $8.46 per hour beginning New Year's Day. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. "But more needs to be done so all Minnesotans can earn their way to economic security". Some cities in California, Santa Fe in New Mexico, and the whole state of Nevada, are planning minimum wage increases on July 1.

"Working people are struggling to pay their bills, but they see that it's the corporations and the wealthy CEOs who are getting the tax breaks", Owens said.

Seattle's largest employers will have to pay workers at least $16 an hour starting Tuesday.

Workers in lower-cost areas will benefit the most from the increases, said Paul Sonn, state program policy director at NELP. Eighteen other states will also see their minimum wage rise on January 1 as a result of previously approved legislation or inflation adjustments to their states' minimum wages. Since then, 29 states, and more than 40 cities or counties, have hiked their minimums above the federal $7.25.

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In October, however, those same researchers reached a contrasting conclusion. Under federal law and many state laws, these workers can be paid less than the legal minimum wage on the assumption that they receive a substantial part of their income in the form of tips. Some have repeatedly raised their rates.

In Georgia and Wyoming, the minimum wage is lower than the federal level at $5.15 an hour, and five states do not require a minimum wage by law, according to the Department of Labor. That gain generally went to those who already had been working more hours while those who had been working less saw no significant change in their overall earnings.

Advocates credit the trend toward higher minimum wages to the "Fight for $15", a national movement that has used protests and rallies to push for higher wages for workers in fast food, child care, airlines and other sectors.