NYC Mayor: City Will Guarantee Healthcare for All New Yorkers

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"There's a smoothing that occurs when you take a group of people who are getting very expensive care much later than they should, and that is a huge burden on the healthcare system", he explained.

"This is something that we're going to pay for through our public health care system because we're making it a priority".

NYC Care will launch in summer 2019 and will roll out gradually in different parts of the city, starting in the Bronx, according to the release.

Fees for the NYC Care services will be based on sliding scale charges, meaning people will pay for health care services based on their income. 'This is the city paying for direct comprehensive care (not just ERs) for people who can't afford it or can't get comprehensive Medicaid - including 300,00 undocumented New Yorkers'.

The mayor's office was quick to say that its plan, to be called NYC Care, would not be a substitute for any universal health care at the state level or a national single-payer plan.

"As this plan moves forward, my administration looks forward to answers on questions such as the details of the plan's financing, the impact on existing health care programs and the quality of care that will be offered within the public option", said Adams.

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The initiative would help provide primary and specialty care for the city's uninsured residents, according to de Blasio. But the $100 million number assumes either that not all $600,000 uninsured individuals will need medical care, or that medical care will be provided at far below market value. He estimated that the policy would cover 3.4 million workers, including 500,000 who get no paid vacation time.

De Blasio pointed out that the city is in the midst of an ongoing, if slightly slowing, economic boom but did not mention that the tightest job market in many years has led many employers to increase wages and benefits.

"We want to flip the script", de Blasio said.

"From this moment on in New York City everyone is guaranteed the right to health care", de Blasio said. It will also ensure that those New Yorkers have access to NYC Health and Hospitals' physicians, pharmacies, and mental health and substance abuse services. The mayor said the "unprecedented approach" is projected to cover more than half-a-million uninsured New Yorkers who now use the emergency room as a primary provider.

Providers ranging from primary doctors to pediatricians and obstetricians will be from the NYC Health + Hospitals system. Participants will also get an NYC Care card with information on how to receive services.

"If you are working for a small, struggling company, one with obviously more than five employees but maybe 10-15 people, a retailer that is fighting Amazon, that is fighting higher property taxes, higher health care costs for the workforce, yes, this is just one more cost for that company".