President Trump says he will make big border wall announcement on Saturday

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Benjamin Cardin, D-Md., requires that all government employees be compensated for "wages lost, work performed or leave used" during the shutdown, the White House announced in a news release.

It was not immediately clear what trip Trump was referring to as Pelosi had yet to publicly announce a trip to those countries, or whether Trump has the authority to prevent the California Democrat from traveling overseas on government aircraft. The military is now funded during the government shutdown.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., made a mistake when she tried to troll President Donald Trump by postponing the State of the Union address.

Mr. Trump also revealed Pelosi's secret destination before the trip took place, which typically does not happen for security reasons.

Trump's attorney general pick says Mueller report may not be made public
At the moment, however, nominee William Barr's views on the ongoing Russian Federation investigation are all that seem to matter. Barr told senators that he and Mueller were close and he wanted Mueller to wrap up his probe at his own pace.

The President of the United States has the authority to direct the Defense Department to not use military assets to support a congressional delegation to military theaters.

So it's not just Pelosi's trip that's been canceled now, but all air travel on government planes by members of Congress.

Pelosi and Mr. Trump are locked in a stalemate over reopening the government, with Mr. Trump refusing to sign any bill which does not include funding for a border wall, and Pelosi and Senate Democrats unwilling to negotiate with the government closed.

In the meantime, the partial shutdown of the federal government has entered its 25th day, hindering 25 percent of its operations and leaving 800,000 employees without immediate pay.