Tampa Airport sets up food bank for unpaid TSA employees

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Miami International Airport closed one of its concourses for half the day on Saturday and Sunday, and airport officials said they plan to do the same Monday out of concerns that they wouldn't have enough employees to operate all the security checkpoints.

The agency is working with airports and airlines to consolidate operations and get the most out of resources, Gregory added.

As the shutdown drags on, President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats have not made progress toward any kind of agreement that would put an end to it. Some have resorted to selling their possessions or posting appeals on online fundraising sites to help pay their bills.

Though the TSA has stated that it will compensate its employees with a day's pay in addition to a $500 bonus, many are instead deciding to submit their resignation letters, Yahoo Finance reported.

"I worry about getting through security in reasonable time", said Schneier, a fellow at Harvard University's Berkman Klein Center.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner advised all passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before their flight because the government shutdown is causing change.

Miami International Airport will reopen Concourse G Monday despite the government shutdown, airport officials said.

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Some employees, including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents that staff airport security checkpoints, are considered "essential" and must work without pay. Passengers with flights scheduled to depart from Terminal B are being directed to the ticket counters and TSA checkpoints located in Terminal C and Terminal E.

But TSA brass insisted that the security breach was not the result of the government's ongoing shutdown - now in its 24th day, the longest in United States history.

Airports across the country are facing staffing shortages, according to statistics released by the TSA.

'I want to give them a chance to see if they can act responsibly, ' Trump said, calling the situation at the nation's southern border a 'humanitarian crisis'.

Gregory, the TSA spokesman said that was not a TSA decision.

Tampa International Airport is working with local partners to launch a food pantry for federal workers starting Monday. Super Bowl 53 on February 3 is expected to bring hordes of travellers to Atlanta for the game and days of concerts and related events.

"We're confident that we will be as efficient and as welcoming as people expect the city of Atlanta to be here at Hartsfield-Jackson for the Super Bowl", Gobeil said. Associated Press writer Sarah Blake Morgan contributed from Atlanta.