UK PM must 'ditch red lines', rule out no-deal Brexit: Corbyn

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Doubts remained whether the Brexit Plan B Prime Minister Theresa May will present in Parliament on Monday will be different from the one that was voted down on Tuesday, but the focus has now shifted to the new deal, to be debated and put to vote on January 29.

Members of Parliament belonging to May's Conservative Party feared that if they voted down her government, it would trigger a general election and open the door to Jeremy Corbyn and his opposition Labour Party taking control of the government. But some did anyway.

"These discussions brought to the surface the complete misunderstanding in government circles about the time line to bring it about", Liberal Democrats leader Cable said as quoted by The Guardian newspaper.

However Mr Mundell also excluded "arrangements that seek to stop Brexit", including a People's Vote.

Sir Vince said it was "positive" that Mrs May had expressed a willingness to carry on talking after he told her that his party wanted the prospect of no-deal taken "off the table" and a second referendum.

But Ms Lucas said the PM was refusing to take the possibility of "no deal" off the table and was reluctant to extend Article 50. And I intend to do so,"she said in a televised address".

That it would lose was widely expected, but the scale of the rout - 432 votes to 202, the biggest defeat for a government in the U.K.'s parliamentary history - was devastating for May's leadership and her Brexit deal.

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Up to now Brexit has not affected the commitment of British investors in Spain but it remains to be seen what happens after the setback at the Parliament and now that the divorce date is getting closer.

"So there are two ways to avoid no deal: either to vote for a deal, in particular a withdrawal agreement, that has been agreed with the European Union, or to revoke Article 50 and overturn the referendum result", she said.

"It is not within their power to mandate any future course of action, that would be for a Government to do".

If May fails to forge a consensus, the world's fifth-largest economy will drop out of the European Union on March 29 without a deal or will be forced to delay Brexit, possibly holding a national election or even another referendum.

And no matter what May's negotiating position is now, Blair said that seeking an extension to Article 50 - of delaying Brexit beyond March - was "inevitable".

"Defence is committed to assisting the cabinet office coordinated work programme to ensure that there are effective and proportionate contingency plans in place to mitigate the potential immediate impacts leaving the European Union, under a no-deal scenario, might have on the welfare, health and security of United Kingdom citizens and economic stability of the United Kingdom".