Windows 10 Mobile's life support will be switched off in December

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The company is urging any Windows Mobile holdouts to make plans to switch to Android or iOS before it's too late.

Microsoft has formally set the end date for support of its all-but-forgotten Windows 10 Mobile platform.

"The end of support date applies to all Windows 10 Mobile products, including Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise", Microsoft declared.

David Ramel is the editor of Visual Studio Magazine. Microsoft stopped working on Windows 10 Mobile back in 2017, and the company has instead focused on providing a series of tools for iOS and especially Android.

It really will be the end for Microsoft's flagship mobile OS, which first got released back in November of 2015 but never gained a strong market foothold.

Users on build 1703 will see end up support even sooner-June 11th, 2019.

If you're still using a Windows 10 phone, Microsoft is advising you prepare to jump ship.

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Microsoft's Team Xbox has a query for those of you running Windows 10: How can they make it better? Android appears to be receiving the bulk of Microsoft's support, with a launcher and more apps available there.

I'm going to go through what this all means for you if you're a Windows Phone user and also give you some suggestions on which phone to pick up next. Later, Microsoft took over and continued the production of the Lumia from Nokia.

Creation of new device backups continues to work until March 10, 2020. When that started to look less likely, it branched out to Android and iOS.

Most owners probably already have. In a recent update to the Windows 10 Mobile support page, a chance was noticed. That came just a few months after Microsoft discontinued Windows Phone 8.1, the final operating system sporting the Windows Phone name.

'We regret to inform you that at the end of March, the app version you're using is no longer supported and you cannot send and receive messages.

Starting with the next big Windows 10 system update, codenamed 19H1, the operating system will allocate a portion of your PC's hard drive as reserved storage for important system updates and temporary files (periodically deleting them as necessary).