A more portable Nintendo Switch may lower the price

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Nintendo is teaming up with Line Corporation to develop and run a new puzzle game for Android and iOS devices called "Dr. Mario World, the companies announced Thursday evening". In the first half of the fiscal year it sold a total of 5.07 million units, and now after the third quarter it added 9.41 million units, putting it up to a total of 14.48 million Nintendo Switch consoles sold worldwide.

Nikkei also revealed in its report that Nintendo is planning to release a smaller Nintendo Switch, which is something that has been rumored for some time. Pokemon: Let's Go, meanwhile, shifted 10 million, and Super Mario Party, which launched on October 5th, sold 5.3 million.

Mario Kart is now the most successful first-party IP the company has on the Switch, so a mobile app could prove wildly popular, if executed correctly.

Ultimate is also on track to become the best-selling entry in the series.

The game will be free with optional in-app purchases and is expected to hit about 60 countries and regions including Japan and the United States with its early summer 2019 release.

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The Switch's game sales have been equally strong.

Nintendo's next mobile game, Mario Kart Tour has been delayed.

Sure, there's probably more all-encompassing, detailed video games than the classic Nintendo game, but is there anything that you could genuinely sit down for an hour, in a group on your own, and have as much fun playing?

Like all of Nintendo's mobile experiments, I'll at least scope it out.