'Aladdin' trailer offers first look of Will Smith as live-action Genie

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While filling the shoes of Robin Williams is an utterly massive and nearly impossible task, if anyone can do it, it's Will Smith, who is among the five or six most-liked and charismatic entertainers on Earth.

This is the latest in live action for Disney, who have already shown peeks at new Lion King and Dumbo films that are approaching in the coming months.

Smith responded with an Instagram post assuring his followers that he would be blue in the film, and that the promo photo was just Genie in his human disguise.

"Well there goes my childhood it's been destroyed by Will Smith as the Genie", Caleb Wong wrote.

"Hey this kickstarter fan film looks pretty okay!"

That being said, while the reception to the new Genie hasn't been especially flattering, there's certainly still time for Disney to convince filmgoers that the design works within the context of the movie. Poor casting choice for Jafar and Jasmine.

What we can all agree on though is that "A Whole New World" is one of the all-time great Disney bangers.

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Despite the negativity, there were some positive takes.

"I'm super pumped for this, and don't plan to compare it to the animated version from my childhood".

2019 is filled with all kinds of Disney movies some looking to wrap up long time stories and others looking to bring us nostalgia by re-making classics.

"Honestly the Will Smith genie feels like a spoiler for BIRD BOX because I finally understand what image would make them so fascinated but also want to kill themselves", Buchanan tweeted.

Disney's Aladdin trailer introduces viewers to the titular hero's adventure and his wish-granting sidekick, the Genie.

Some fans even mistook a blue Smith as a "bad Photoshop meme". Naturally, we'll most likely disagree about the specific ordering.